Calculation of Remaining Shelf Life of Pharmaceuticals


  1. Please note that the Department of Import and Export Control has decided to follow the undermentioned procedures in calculation of remaining shelf life of pharmaceuticals with effect from 16.04.2019.                                                                                                                 
    1. At present, The Department calculates the remaining shelf life of pharmaceuticals to the nearest month but, will instead adhere to calculate it as at the date of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reports, if date is mentioned.                                                       
    2. In Pharmaceutical Analysis Reports where date of manufacture and date of expiry are mentioned to the nearest month, date of manufacture will be considered as the first day and date of expiry as the last day of respective months in making the calculation.                                                                                                                                                                                   
    3. Calculation will be made automatically using Excel Sheet developed, based on the following formula.


                                         Date of Expiry – Date of Debiting

Remaining Shelf Life =   ___________________________       * 100

                                         Date of Expiry - Date of Manufacture


  1. Therefore, please ensure that date of manufacture and date of expiry be mentioned to the nearest date as much as possible in Pharmaceutical Analysis Reports submitted for debiting process.
  1. You are also advised to submit originals of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reports for debiting process. In the case of Pharmaceutical Analysis Reports submitted sans originals for debiting process, originals should be necessarily produced to this Department at a subsequent date.
  1. Please also note that calculation of remaining shelf life of pharmaceuticals will be made in accordance with the old procedure only until 30.04.2019 only on request, to avoid inconvenience caused due to shifting from old procedure to new procedure.  


T.V.D. Damayanthi S. Karunarathne

Controller General of Imports & Exports