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09.11.2017 2044/41 Export Control License Item List E සි T
09.11.2017 2044/40 Import Control License Item List E සි T
15.08.2017 2032/10 Import & Export (Control) Department - Regulations made to amend the under section 20, Import & Export (Control) Act, No. 1 of 1969, as amended by Act, No. 48 of 1985 & No. 28 of 1987 E සි T
19.05.2017 2019/24 Import & Export Control Dept. - Order under Imports & Exports (Control) Act. that Inserting items to Special Import License Regulations Gaz. Ex> Ord. No. 1813/14 of 05.06.2013 E සි T
11.02.2016 1953/28 License fee & Additional fee are levied for services by IECD in term of Imports and Exports (Control) Act No.1 of 1969 E සි T
11.02.2016 1953/27 Imposition of mandatory Standards for importation of Float Operated Valves E සි T
18.06.2015 1919/45 Gaz. Ext. ord. 1627/2 dated 9th Nov 2009 further amended. TIEP shall include for export control and became L items E සි T
11.06.2015 1918/22 Gaz. Ext. ord. 1813/14 dated 05.06.2013 further amended. By Banning the 3808.93.90 - Glyphosate E සි T
03.06.2015 1917/24 License fees and additional fees are levied for services by IECD from import act and Gaz Notice 1230/9 dated 1st April 2002, 1244/36 dated 12th July 2002, 1518/4 dated 8th October 2007 are hereby rescinded E සි T
30.04.2015 1912/31 Gazette no. 1813/14 of 5th June 2013 are further amended. HS code 0802. Areca nuts, fresh (not shelled or peeled, other are included in the column I, II, III and became L items E සි T
26.02.2015 1903/41 Gazette no. 1813/14 of 5th June 2013 are further amended. By deleting HS Headings in the column II and its responding entries of the Special Import License Regulations (87.02, 87.03, E සි T
29.01.2015 1899/34 Gazette no. 1813/14 of 5th June 2013 are further amended. Motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons, Including the driver under HS heading 87.02 has been amended E සි T
10.12.2014 1892/34 Following items were removed from SLSI standardization and quality control.
Brown Sugar - 1701.14
White Sugar - 1701.99.10
Red Lentils - 0713.40.11, 0713.40.12
E සි T
18.11.2014 1889/15 The Extraordinary gazette No 1883/16 dated 10.10.2014 issued by revoking importation of fresh or chilled potatoes of HS code 0701.90 is rescinded E සි T
24.10.2014 1885/50 The Extraordinary gazette No 1813/14 of 05.06.2013 further amended HS heading 87.02, Motor vehicles for the transport of ten or more persons, Including the driver HS Heading 87.05, Special purpose motor vehicles, other than those principally designed for the transport of persons or goods HS heading 87.11, Motorcycles (including mopeds) and cycles fitted with an auxiliary motor, with or without side-cars; E සි T
10.10.2014 1883/16 Importation of potatoes fresh or chilled under HS code 0701.90 suspended on 06.09.2014 E සි T
02.10.2014 1882/40 Following items are included for the Gazette Extraordinary No. 1813/14 dated 05.06.2013 HS code 03.02, and 03.03, Fresh, fresh or chilled including fish fillet and other fish meat of heading 0302.89 other E සි T
30.09.2014 1882/5 Amendment of license fees of following products are effective from 1st October 2014
Annual License fee for production of Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene and aviation spirit charged Rs. 1,000,000. Rs. 10,000 for 10,000 mt.
E සි T
21.07.2014 1872/5 New formats have been enforced to issue license and debiting. Regulation is affective from 1st August 2014 E සි T
10.06.2014 1866/6 Gazette notification passed by the parliament
  • Gazette no 1813/14 passed on 09.07.2013; list of items subject to ICED
  • Gazette no 1813/15 passed on 09.07.2013; Export cinnamon to comply with SLSI standards
  • Gazette no 1819/32 passed on 22.08.2013; to rescind gazette no 1764/9 to limit rice exportation
  • Gazette no 1821/40 passed on 03.09.2013; to control importation of Hydro Chloro fluoro Carbons(HCFC)
  • Gazette no 1837/41 passed on 20.12.2013; to include new HS codes for import of passenger transport vehicles
  • Gazette no 1843/40 passed on 22.01.2014; amending effective date of gazette 1813/15 for SLSI standards for export of cinnamon
  • Gazette no 1844/49 passed on 22.01.2014; to comply 123 imported items with SLSI standards specifications
  • Gazette no 1846/16 passed on 04.03.2014; to include new HS codes and repealing existing in respect of transport vehicle imports
E සි T
21.01.2014 1846/16 1813/14 of 05.06.2013 and 1837/41 of 21.11.2013 further amended HS heading 87.4, motor vehicles for the transport of goods HS heading 87.05 special purpose motor vehicles, other than those principally designed for the transport of persons or goods E සි T
08.01.2014 1844/49 123 items have brought under standardization and quality control by Sri Lanka Standard Institute, in the event of import of such items, there should be the SLSI certification, schedule A came into operation from 8th Jan 2014 and schedule B from 1st May 2014 E සි T
02.01.2014 1843/40 Effective date of the regulations which were published in gazette (Extra ordinary) No. 1813/15 dated 5th June 2013 is hereby amended as 1st April 2014 E සි T
21.11.2013 1837/41 Extra ordinary Gazette No. 1813/14 of 5th June 2013 Several items under HS code 8703 and 8704 have been deleted and published again under same HS codes with amendments E සි T
01.08.2013 1821/40 Virgin Hydroclorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) controlled with immediate effect and shall be completely phased out by 1st January 2030 E සි T
18.07.2013 1819/32 Regulations published on restriction of exportation of paddy and rice in gazette Extra ordinary No. 1764/9 on 27th June 2012 are rescinded. E සි T
05.06.2013 1813/15 Gazette no 1808/6 dated 29th April 2013 cancelled and published again with amendments HS codes, 0906.11 and 0906.20 in cinnamon products have changed E සි T
05.06.2013 1813/14 The Gazette No. 1739/3 published on 2nd January 2012 further amended and listed imports have been controlled or banned This regulations apply to the business established under BOI Law no. 4 of 1978 E සි T
03.04.2013 1804/18 Ethyl Alcohol was banned by Gazette no 1799/15 of 1st March 2013, is permitted to import subject to the license issued under Import and Export Controller E සි T
03.04.2013 1804/17 All used motor vehicles falling under HS codes 87.02, 87.03, 87.04, and 87.05 being imported to Sri Lanka shall be subject to a pre shipment inspection and shall have a certificate of export inspection issued by the relevant authorities E සි T
01.03.2013 1799/15 Ethyl alcohol strength by volume 80% or higher under HS codes 2207.10, 2207.20.10 and 2207.20.90 are banned from 28th Feb 2013 E සි T
27.06.2012 1764/9 The minimum F.O.B. price of a MT of paddy and rice (HS Code 10.06) exported from Sri Lanka should be Rs. 300,000/= from 28th June 2012 E සි T
18.04.2012 1754/9 Extra ordinary gazette no 1739/3 of 2nd Jan 2012 is further amended with effect from 18.04.2012 and do not apply for LC opened prior to 31st March 2012. Amended HS heading is 87.04 – motor vehicle for transport of goods E සි T
30.03.2012 1751/26 Extra ordinary gazette no 1739/3 of 2nd Jan 2012 further amended with effect from 31.03.2012 and do not apply for LC opened prior to 31.03.2012 Amended HS headings are 87.02,87.03, 87.04 E සි T
02.01.2012 1739/3 Payment regulations last amended by Extra ordinary gazette no1733/10 of 21st Nov 2011 further amended and came into operation from 2nd Jan 2012. E සි T
09.11.2009 1627/2 The Export Regulations 1979 published in Gazette Extraordinary,No. 33/24 of April 27, 1979 as amended from time to time and last amended by regulations published in Gazette Extraordinary, No. 1263/1 of November 18, 2002 are further amended with effect from 10th November, 2009 E සි T
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